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Hluru tongue drum with stick

Hluru tongue drum with stick

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Hluru Mini steel tongue drum 3 inch 6 tone





Hluru brand

Hluru is a trailblazer of the ethereal drum industry, meticulously crafting every drum with the best materials, and showing remarkable attention to detail - all of which have earned them the trust and respect of their consumers, making them one of the premier ethereal drum makers in the industry.

Hluru's ethereal drum is composed of a combination of titanium diamond Kong, copper steel, and titanium steel, which ensures it is free of magnetic and iron tones to produce a pure, clean, and melodious sound, ideal for professional interpretation.


Beautiful sound
This steel tongue drum is designed to create vibrational resonance through the sonic tongue while emitting beautiful and clear tones to help purify the listener's body and soul and foster inner peace.

High quality
The steel tongue drum is made of titanium alloy, which is not easy to corrode. This tongue drum does not peel off paint and has a long service life. With non-slip wear-resistant foot pads, it can be easily placed on the table without slipping, which can make it easy for the operator to control.

Easy to play
The 3-inch (approx. 10 cm) tongue drum features 6 notes, suitable for novice beginners and children. You can use the included rubber mallet or just play with your hands, and the note will help you make a wonderful sound.

Handcrafted by experts, this tongue drum can create a serene timbre akin to that of Buddhist figures, making it useful in a variety of contexts, such as religious ceremonies, yoga, early education, and mental and physical wellness. It's an ideal gift for older adults and pals.


9.5 x 4.5 cm

Package contents

Steel tongue

drum Drumsticks

Alternate scale sticker

Instruction manual


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