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Miso Art & Therapy

MISO ART Lesson one Session

MISO ART Lesson one Session

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MISO ART Lesson one Session


MISO ART instructor will come to your place for this session.

Please reach out to MISO ART to confirm dates and times before make a purchase.


Art is a unique, personal field, where there is no right or wrong.


It may appear easy, but each individual must create an original answer. It can also be incredibly challenging, as kids can have different abilities, strengths, and interests.

Therefore, customized classes for each student are essential.


Conventional art lessons, which just focus on technique, are not sufficient.


The teacher's role is to discover and maximize each child's potential talent.

This is the fundamental purpose of art classes. During classes, children should cultivate positive emotions that can shape the rest of their lives.

Through Miso Art, I aim to reach this goal.

Although perfection may not be possible, Miso Art classes strive to come as close as possible. By providing these lessons, each child's future is brightened.


I will continue to do my best to realize expectations.




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